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Rossiters Shop Front 1850-1937
John Rossiter, Founder
Rossiters early years
John Rossiter 3rd and Family 1922
1937 Shop Refit
1992 Shop Refit Weston High Street
Modern Day Rossiters
Don Rossiter in 1960
Old Headed Paper

In 1832 when William IV was on the throne, the railway hadn't reached Weston-super-Mare and it was Britannia, not the internet that ruled the waves, that's when John Rossiter opened his first shop.  Now, over 190 years later the business is owned and managed by the fifth, sixth and seventh generations of the Rossiter family, building on the foundations he laid and carrying on the tradition.

Starting as watch and clockmakers the family all worked and lived in the business in Weston with a second shop following in Hill Road, Clevedon in 1870, one year before the opening of the town's Cottage Hospital.  More recently the Barnstaple shop opened in 1971 bringing the total to three shops, all still trading today.  Our long establishment is due in part to the commitment of the family over nearly two centuries, but in greater measure to our many loyal customers who have supported us through the generations, to whom we wish to put on record our grateful thanks.


The selection of pieces we offer for sale has changed over the decades as fashions come and go, but many designs in our traditional business remain as popular as ever.  The solitaire Diamond, for instance, is still the most sought-after choice for an engagement ring, and each setting needs to be carefully and individually designed so that the true fire and beauty of every diamond can be released.


The position of the original shop in Weston on the High Street remains unchanged as are the company's principles and values.  We still aim to provide quality jewellery with a traditional service and that hasn't changed since 1832.

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